The benefits of passive solar houses are manifold:

House comfort

EcoDesign buildings stay warm and do not need any external heating even when the minimum outside temperature falls down to –25°C.
The walls release the stored heat in the evening to maintain a comfortable temperature (+12 degrees Celsius) inside the building. In the daytime the room does not overheat as the walls absorb the excess heat.
Even when there is a cloudy spell for a week to ten days, due to the heavy walls and proper insulation the inside temperature goes down by less than a degree per day.
Although we design our buildings to be warm in winter, they are also cool in summer.

Cost effective

EcoDesign buildings are one quarter cheaper than conventional buildings. Its cost can be recovered within ten years by saving in external heating.


Sets you free from collecting firewood or depending on fuel supply through mountain roads.
No moving parts and essentially no maintenance.


When nothing is burning inside the house, there’s no fire risk.


Diseases related to indoor smoke inhalation decrease.

Environment friendly

Minimum use of polluting industrial products.
Reduces your carbon footprint by not burning fossil fuels or biomass.