Our buildings revive the ancient Ladakhi architecture and aesthetic values. As experts in passive solar architecture, EcoDesign is involved in every stage from implementation to completion offering continual functional and technical support.  Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of designing and planning, construction, development of functional specifications for client approval, and supervision. 


The school is located in Disket, Nubra, it was inaugurated on 27th July, 2010. The project ocuppies 8,253 square foot divided into two floors. It has 14 classrooms and two big halls. Natural lighting is provided by three skylights. The project investment was 71 lacs.

Telescope Control Station

The project was ordered by Electronical Corporation of India. It is located in Hanley, one of the coldest places in Ladakh. The project is still under construction and we expect to complete it in 2011. The total construction area is 2,400 square foot. The project includes a guesthouse adjacent to the telescope control station.

Mahabodhi Hostel

The hostel will host 100 students and includes bedrooms, kitchen and dining hall. It is located in Bodkharbu, Kargil district.