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The World has undergone a shift in recent times. Most of the organisations have seen their plans dwindle. Out of the box thinking was something that helped businesses survive and thrive. This has forced organisations to think about a total new realm of possibilities.

A World where digital is no longer a thing that is difficult to learn, A World where Digital is the new normal. A World which can work from Anywhere is looking forward to consistently Optimizing productivity and performance. Reskilling is the ever-important need to keep up the relevance of the workforce which has to instantly adopt newer technologies and business practices to keep in tandem with customer expectations and experiences.

Digital work has but the entire financial inclusion and payments space into full throttle. The payment industry is also exploring newer capabilities with new payment umbrellas and newer regulations coming up to achieve the payment targets. Security is consistently the only factor which has maintained its highest relevance in the world Next. 

Finnoviti for the BFSI sector and Technoviti for the FIntech and Big Tech Sector will explore what is going to be shaping the NEXT in Financial Services. We will put together all the possible triggers that have redefined the future of the financial services business and the technologies that power it.

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